Love In The Time of COVID

Chihoko & Tokinori


January 19, 2021

(English – Translated)

After getting matched on Pairs in 2015, Tokinori and Chihoko got married in 2018 and now they have a daughter.
Chihoko was going to have her baby in April 2020, but Covid-19 infections started to increase in Tokyo from the end of February. In early March, she traveled to her hometown outside of Tokyo as she was planning to deliver her baby in the local hospital, but Tokinori had to stay in Tokyo due to work. Nevertheless, virus infections increased rapidly, and consequences were changing everyday, so they were unsure whether Tokinori would be able to travel to the hospital in time for the delivery. On March 13, an amendment was made to the Act on Special Measures for Pandemic Influenza and New Infectious Diseases, which meant that “State of Emergency” would be declared soon, so the couple lived every day in uncertainty. Tokinori “wondered what I should do in case I couldn’t travel outside of Tokyo.”
Generally, women who had babies during this time weren’t able to have their husbands present at childbirth because of the pandemic, but fortunately, Chihoko’s hometown did not have any cases of infection. This enabled Tokinori to be at the hospital until the last part of the delivery of their baby girl. Due to the pandemic, Chihoko’s parents couldn’t be at the hospital until the last minute, yet she “feels very blessed that my parents were there to welcome our baby into the new world.”
“We got married after we got matched on Pairs five years ago. We never thought we would have a baby and start childrearing in such consequences. Regardless, we are able to spend a lot of time together now as a family and our daughter is growing up in great health.”