Love In The Time of COVID

Jen & Michael


January 21, 2021

Jen and Michael- Match Success Couple

I’m reaching out first to say “thanks” for all that you do! I have been in PR for the past 25 years, and know a good opportunity when I see one 🙂 I would love to hear about all of the other Match Covid love stories out there. I’m sure there are so many!! I’m fairly certain the entire country could use some feel-good stories right about now.

Just wanted to reach out and share my Match story. While Covid certainly squashed traditional dating experiences, Michael and I found that the pandemic actually allowed us to get closer and to fall in love much more quickly than we may have otherwise. We “met” on Match in 2019, but neither of us reached out to the other. Michael said he wasn’t “ready for a widow” and I actually thought he looked kind of cocky in his photos and wasn’t prepared to take on any egos. But in late March 2020, just before lockdown, we decided to connect and meet for a glass of wine — in my backyard since most of the restaurants around were already closed. It went very well, and so we did the same thing again the next night, then a mountain bike ride and lunch the following day, then a boat ride the day after. Since then, we have only been apart for a few days at most. We clicked on a level that I had not thought possible.

I was married for almost 20 years to the love of my life. He was a Head Athletic Trainer in the NFL and we moved around a bit with our two beautiful daughters, (who are now 18 and 19). David was my best friend and we would have stayed together forever. One day though, I was out in California with our younger daughter, and received a phone call from the coroner in Philadelphia. My husband was there on a business trip. They found him passed away in his hotel room. I was absolutely broken into pieces. It was a shock that I still have trouble comprehending. Right then and there I told myself that I would be alone forever because NOBODY could ever match up to my husband. While I was reeling from the death of my spouse, Michael was going through a difficult divorce. He and his three children, (now 18, 14 and 11), were navigating a new life with the children going back and forth between two homes.

Flash-forward to now, August 31, 2020. Michael asked me to marry him! While we have only been together for 5 months, it feels like years. We have a theory that we are in some crazy Covid time warp! We were in Savannah for the weekend, and on a beautiful sunny morning, in a gorgeous public park, I said YES!! Michael gives me so much hope. I see things in Michael that I have never seen before and I am so incredibly happy. Thank you SO MUCH for running such a reputable and amazing platform.

*Note- They are getting married on October 15, 2020!