Love In The Time of COVID

Mr. K & Mrs. E


February 4, 2021

Photo by Kuppography

(English – Translated)

Mr. K and Mrs. E started Pairs when their friends recommended the app. Mr. K searched based on specific criteria while Mrs. E looked for a serious relationship with marriage in mind. Due to Covid-19, the couple started interactions via online. Eventually they formed a relationship, came to respect each other’s values, which successfully led to a marriage proposal. They focus on talking openly about everything, even about the near future in the next five or ten years, despite the unpredictable situation because of Covid-19. Generally, all couples had to cancel their wedding plans due to the virus, so Pairs decided to provide complimentary online weddings for this Pairs couple. On the day of their online wedding, 75 guests participated, including their parents and their friends. Filled with heartwarming sentiment and laughter, the wedding featured the words of oath by the groom and bride, as well as an entertainment element featuring a quiz themed on Pairs.
“Covid-19 infections continued into summer and we were spending everyday in uncertainty. We knew that people could hold weddings online, but we never saw it coming our way. One day, Pairs reached out to us and we thought it was the optimal choice, so we decided to go do it. We were so happy we were able to hold a ceremony with “peace of mind and security.”