Love In The Time of COVID

Naoya & Kie


January 15, 2021

(English – Translated)

Due to Covid-19, it became harder to meet in person in May 2020. As she couldn’t go out, Kie decided to start Pairs so she could meet someone online. Right away, she met Naoya. Regardless of the pandemic, they were able to see each other and talk through Pairs’ video dating feature. This really helped the couple feel peace of mind because video dating lets you see things about the other person, which exchanging of messages alone wouldn’t be able to do. Since they met through one of Pairs communities where users with similar values get together, they hit it off right away and decided to have a relationship.
Naoya: “We did two video calls before meeting in person. Everything was very smooth right from the very beginning.”
Kie: “It’s like we were on the same wavelength…’
Naoya: “Even if you’re exchanging messages, a video call could make people nervous if they think it is a big hurdle to clear. In our case, there was no awkwardness, we were able to talk very naturally. “
Naoya and Kie started their relationship at the end of May after they were matched during the “Stay Home” period. Today, they are living together with marriage in the future. They met each other’s parents online too.