Love In The Time of COVID

Shasta & Enrique


January 12, 2021

How Did We Meet?
We matched on Upward on September 8th. Shasta messaged Enrique first and they have been inseparable since. They planned a virtual lunch date two days after they matched. Their date started with prayer, then they both were able to ask questions and talk. They both could not believe that they were both “real”. This was the first time either of them has experienced dating online.
Our First Date:
Enrique & Shasta planned their first date the weekend after they matched. When they showed up at the restaurant, they prayed before starting their date. Shasta says, “You could feel our hands shaking”. They had dinner, walked around a pond, worshiped in the car, and ended their date with ice cream. Both described this as the “perfect” first date.
What Happened Next:
Even though they both live a few hours from each other, they texted every day and planned dates for every weekend. This led to Enrique asking Shasta to be his girlfriend officially on October 17th. Since then, they have been attended and served at each other’s church, met each other’s families, and have planned many dates.