Love In The Time of COVID

Tara & Kris


January 18, 2021

It’s no secret that over the past few months relationships have had to do some adjusting, but here at Plenty of Fish, we know that love always finds a way. So, when Tara and Kris reached out to let us know they’d recently tied the knot during a global pandemic, we simply had to get the inside scoop.

This adorable Plenty of Fish success couple graciously offered some incredible insight into the difficult decision to adjust their wedding, along with other important aspects of modern love including their period of long-distance as well as their blended family. Here’s their story:


When you first saw each of your profiles, what was it that stood out to you?

We had tried other dating sites but POF was easy to use.  We both liked the app interface and it was easy to use as well as economical. Looking back, I know we were both physically attracted to each others’ profile pictures and that’s what sparked our initial interest.


Who messaged who first?

Kris messaged me first and it’s kind of a funny story!  It was back in 2016 and I was in Virginia visiting my best friend but lived in West Virginia at the time. I didn’t realize that my Plenty of Fish app had updated while I was traveling until I saw Kris had messaged me.  I don’t quite remember what he said, but I do remember that my first message explained that I didn’t live in Virginia but I visited quite often, and if he was interested in continuing chatting to let me know.  He wasn’t scared off, and it wasn’t long until I gave him my number!  We actually had a few FaceTime dates before our first in-person date (virtual dates for the win!).


What made you two click when you were messaging?

I hate to be so simple and say that we just clicked, but we just clicked!  I have never been anything but myself around Kris, and the same goes for him.  Kris and I are both very family-oriented and that was a great bond to build on.  Between the two of us, we have five children ranging from 10-21! (go blended families!)


What did you do for your first date? How did your relationship evolve after that?

I drove out to Virginia and met Kris at his apartment. He had flowers and wine waiting for me. We went to dinner at The Tobacco Company then we walked around the city a little before ending it at his apartment.  

We have been together ever since! Our first year was dating in a long-distance relationship, then I officially moved in with him in May of 2017. Kris asked me to marry him on our 3rd Anniversary after taking me to dinner at the very same spot where we had our first date followed by a cruise on the canal. 


Tell me more about your wedding during the time of COVID-19?

We had a huge 150 invitee wedding planned! We had chosen our “halfway point” (from our year of LDR) in Natural Bridge, VA for the location which we had actually already talked about only six months into our relationship! However, on March 16th we made the tough announcement to postpone this celebration. I cried the whole day I believe, from the time I started typing the post to way after, but we knew it was the right decision. 

The concept of what our wedding would look like changed a couple of times as we continued to get updated information.  We were going to have a few friends and family meet us at a park and do our vows there but had to decrease it even more when groups of 10 or more were banned. When the Governor turned the stay at home suggestion to an executive order, we decided to have the vow exchange at the officiants’ house.  

The ceremony ended up being super quick. Keeping six feet between our officiant and us, she started the vows nearly immediately. The only person with us was my eldest daughter who took pictures. However, it was a beautiful spring day and the weather could not have been better. We had a family meal after the ceremony with just our children who live with us and just enjoyed the day.  We are planning a big celebration when this chaos dies down!


What do you love most about one another?

The dedication to our family and how well we balance the blending of it while still trying to section time out for each other.  We are a new-age version of the Brady Bunch with two dogs, one less child, and no housekeeper. 

What is your best piece of advice for those using Plenty of Fish to find their special person?

You can’t rush love.  Dating is about discovery, not only within another person but yourself also. Your forever person will be the one that brings out the best in you. Be honest, not just with the people you meet, but with yourself, and try to see the person for their full self – attraction to their inner beauty along with their outer features. Lastly, anyone worth discovering will never go out of their way to make you feel uncomfortable. You deserve the best!